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Tuesday, June 10

This is my favorite picture from this weekend.

I'm making sure I get a rest day today. I've been running about twice a week since mid-May but I've already run twice this week and I kind of want to run again today. I don't want to overwork my legs though so I'm taking it easy today.

Calliope goes to sleep at a reasonable time tonight. 11:30 bedtimes are not cool.

Nothing so far today. Possibly spaghetti. Maybe just spaghetti-os, haha.

Lots of water. The occasional glass of root beer. I love root beer.

MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood. It's the last in a series and I'm really liking it so far. Next on my list is the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. We might throw a Sookie Stackhouse book in there too. Just because.

Mario Kart 8. So much fun.

Orange is the New Black, duh.

Today I listened to lots of Jimmy Eat World and Frank Sinatra... it was an interesting day.

I hadn't just cut the roof of my mouth while eating cereal. That's what I get for eating cereal when it isn't breakfast time.

A vacation already. Only 22 days until I get a 4 day weekend for my birthday/4th of July!

Some actual spring-like weather. I was pretty sure we had just completely skipped over spring and gone straight to summer.

For my mouth to stop hurting.

Running! It's amazing. I always feel pretty good afterwards and seeing my miles go up is pretty cool. I'm using the Runkeeper app to keep track of my runs and I set a goal for myself of 20 miles this month. I'm 25% there. :)

How long Calliope's nap is going to be.

My life. So many people post about their ridiculous drama on Facebook (when really that's something that should be discussed in private). It makes me grateful to have a relatively calm, easy life.

Oh man, this kid. She is so smart already! She's picking up new words left and right, she knows the letters O and E. She loves books and likes to draw with her crayons. She goes through different phases of liking things. One week it's dinosaurs and other it's fish. She's so cool. She also says the word cool and it's super adorable.

Someone to do my laundry. I hate laundry time.

Fresh air from outside. Open window weather is the best.

My favorite jeans and the shirt I wore to work this morning. Only half changed but whatever.

...the leader? I don't have any answer for this one today.

How fast this year has gone! It's nearly half over already!

I may have put too many e-books on my hold list at the library, I'm getting notifications that I can check them out one after the other and I don't think I'll be able to read them all...

About plans for my birthday now that I've mentioned it...

At how crazy it is that I have a super awesome boyfriend, a decent house, an amazing daughter and a job I don't totally hate and it seems like I'm an adult but it totally doesn't feel like it. Growing up is weird.

Tired. Little miss Calliope better start going to sleep at a normal time soon.

A possible toddler-less night in August. I got tickets to an Ingrid Michaelson concert nearby as an early birthday present and we're considering having Calliope spend the night at her grandparent's house so we can have a fun night alone. I'm hoping I don't cry the entire time...

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