Life Lately

Tuesday, May 20


Making: My house clean. At least attempting to. It's a little difficult with a toddler in the house. Hoping: Calliope's nap lasts just a little bit longer.
Cooking: At home more frequently. We went over our budget yesterday and we spend far too much on going out to eat. I made spaghetti today, it was delicious.
Drinking: Water, water and more water. With the occasional glass of juice.
Reading: Just finished The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde and I loved it. Now I'm reading The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. The Handmaid's Tale was one of the best books I read in school, I was pretty big on dystopian literature (still am mostly).
Wanting: A billion dollars. Too much to ask?
Playing2048 — Totally addicted.
Watching: Veronica Mars
Wishing: There were more hours in the day.
Enjoying: the cool rainy weather. Especially nice after the 90 degree day we had today.
Waiting: For my three-day weekend!
Liking: the fact that Calliope is getting a bit more independent.
Wondering: When Jason will be able to move to day shift.
Loving: The longer days. Driving to work at 6am is easier when it's light outside.
Marveling: Once again, at how fast Calliope learns new things. We've been learning the difference between a cough and a sneeze and she knows what thunder is now and rain is her new favorite thing.
Needing: A shower! Today was disgustingly humid and I haven't had a chance yet. I'm not comfortable leaving Calliope alone running wild in the house so I'll just have to deal with it until she's in bed.
Smelling: Rain. My favorite smell ever.
Wearing: a tie-dye t-shirt. Calliope chose to wear hers today so I changed into mine when I came home from work. :)
Following: the storm we're in the middle of on the radar. It looks like Calliope will get to hear more thunder before she goes to bed.
Noticing: How quickly time seems to pass now. Is it because I'm getting older or because I have a kid now? It seems like just yesterday we were getting over Christmas and looking forward to 2014 and now 2014 is nearly half over!
Knowing: That the quickest way to get Calliope to stop crawling all over me when I'm trying to get things done is to say, "It looks like you need your diaper changed." I think this kid is almost ready for potty training.
Thinking: How do I even start potty training?! (Note to self: Google that when you're done with this post.)
Giggling: At Calliope making music on her tiny xylophone glockenspiel. (We learned on Sesame Street that xylophones have wooden keys and glockenspiels have metal keys. I did not know that.)
Feeling: Kind of nervous. I am not a big fan of thunderstorms but I've been trying my best to be relaxed and calm so Calliope doesn't freak out. So far she isn't overly scared of thunder or lightning and I'd like to keep it that way as long as possible.


  1. Try (the app) 100 Balls. Addicting.

    1. Everytime I get down to like 3 or 4 balls and only one cup I keep thinking I should just start over but I can't stop. Haha