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Monday, May 12

Making: Some random things in Photoshop.
Hoping: Calliope is ready for bed soon...
Cooking: Hamburger Helper. After a lazy weekend with too many trips out to eat, it was good enough.
Drinking: Raspberry lemonade.
Reading: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I'm almost through with it and it's pretty great.
Wanting: The rain to stop already.
Looking: At how messy my living room is. Toddlers are amazing.
Playing: Forbidden Desert. This game is super fun. Jason and I have played a few times already and we've only won twice.
Wasting: Time writing this blog post instead of doing the laundry. I usually do.
Wishing: I could do my job from home.
Enjoying: A quiet (so far) night with Calliope.
Waiting: (Not so) patiently waiting for summer.
Liking: My new printer. It was a Mother's Day present. It's wireless and that's just totally amazing. My last printer was kind of ancient... :)
Wondering: When Calliope will get tired.
Loving: My weekends
Marveling: at how fast Calliope is learning. I swear she does something new everyday.
Needing: A long vacation
Smelling: nothing really. Allergies are really messing with my nose.
Wearing: Jeans and a t-shirt.
Following: too many people on twitter. It's hard to keep up.
Noticing: How annoying my hair is.
Knowing: It's my fault Calliope is still awake. We neglected normal bedtimes this weekend. :l
Thinking: I'm definitely not doing that again.
Giggling: At Calliope saying "amote? amote?" looking for the remote. TV time has been done for a while, kiddo.
Feeling: Tired but happy. This kid is pretty awesome regardless of bedtimes.

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