Friday's Letters

Friday, May 23

Dear Calliope
You continue to amaze me. I love you so much it's ridiculous. Even when you're kicking and screaming out in public and I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I'm kidnapping you I just want to kiss your head. But I have to do it carefully. I've had your headbutts to the face more than a couple times. (They aren't kidding about those terrible twos. What they don't usually tell you is that they actually start at about 18 months.) Last night you learned the word "bow" because you had one on the shoulder of your shirt. Then you were very concerned when you noticed I didn't have one on my shirt. You proceeded to search the floor for it. You are super adorable.

Dear Jason
You are the best. This week you set up a college savings fund for Calliope and a retirement fund for yourself (I need you to help me figure that out too). It makes me happy to imagine us as old and retired and Calliope young-adult-aged and in college. Also kind of sad. I've convinced myself that Calliope is going to be small forever. Don't make me think about her being older yet. :) Also we have a three-day weekend coming up. It's going to be the best time ever.

Dear weather
Yeah, I'm talking to you again. Be nice this weekend. We have some work to do around the house and a picnic on Monday. Don't mess it up.

Dear Friday
I'm counting on you going quickly. Don't make my work hours drag on and on like you usually do before an awesome weekend. You better be nice too.

Dear bed
As I'm writing this it's actually still Thursday. So dear bed, please be super comfortable and try to keep Calliope in the middle of you tonight okay? I don't want to wake up with one arm and one leg dangling off like I did early this morning. Dear toddler bed, be more attractive to toddlers and make Calliope want to sleep on you.

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