Friday's Letters {i'm alive!}

Friday, May 9

Dear Calliope: How are you two years old already? It seems like it wasn't long ago that we were bringing you home from the hospital thinking 'Now what?' I still ask that question sometimes because as soon as I think I've got you figured out you go and change on me. But they're definitely good changes. (Except for screaming 'Mine!' at random strangers, I swear they are not trying to steal your things. You don't have to do that.)

Dear Jason: You're still my BFF, my favorite person ever and the best dad. Although we still don't see each other much during the week, we have the best weekends and they're only going to get better now that the weather is getting warmer. This summer is going to be great.

Dear Weather: Stop being a jerk. I was getting ready for crazy thunderstorms yesterday and got myself all anxious about it for nothing. Just a little bit of rain. Not that I'm complaining... thunderstorms are dumb.

Dear You, lovely person reading this (is anyone still out there?): l haven't posted in a few months and I'm also in the middle of a redesign. Hopefully you stick around for a while. (Hopefully I stick around for a while...)

Have a great weekend!

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