Best Lady Ever

Thursday, May 15

Calliope and I went to Walmart last night (which admittedly was not a very good idea so close to bedtime) and she was a little maniac. She waited until I was carrying a gallon of milk and she ran all over the place until her shoes fell off and then kept running barefoot. We got towards the front of the store and she made a mad dash towards the doors so I dropped my things at an empty checkout and ran to catch her.

I was carrying her and my things while she was squirming around and screaming and I found a short line (which is a miracle at Walmart). There was an old lady waiting in front of me and when we walked up she was amazing and let us go first. She kept Calliope somewhat entertained while I was paying for my things and when the cashier asked if I'd like my milk in a bag, the nice lady said, "Would you like your baby in a bag too?" We laughed, Calliope waved bye-bye and we made it back home with no more trouble.

Sometimes people surprise me.

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