Awkward + Awesome Thursday

Thursday, May 22

Alright, being the amazingly original blogger that I am (haha) I am going to try this Awkward and Awesome thing.

  • Buying two hundred dollars worth of groceries and then realizing when you get home that you have to carry it all in and put it away by yourself... I mean, I had a two year old with me, but she was pretty busy blowing dandelion puffs. We should probably not wait so long between grocery trips next time...
  • Drinking so much water at work that you go to the bathroom every twenty minutes. Thankfully nobody has asked any questions. :|
  • Having that dog that barks at anyone that walks by the house. He's a really nice dog I swear. Just kind of a jerk...
  • Trying to secretly eat a white chocolate bar with a two year old in the same room. I almost got away with it (something something meddling kids).
  • Realizing I graduated from high school ten years ago. Seriously, there's no way I'm that old already...
  • This kid at the grocery store today. She refused to sit in the cart so I thought that was a bad sign but she stayed close by and helped me pick things out and put them in the cart. She only tried to run away when the cashier accidentally looked at her. She's weird.
  • The weather today. It is amazing outside. I didn't actually spend any time outside (too tired. probably something to do with the ridiculously huge grocery trip.) but with all the windows open it feels amazing in my house.
  • Three day weekends! How amazing are three day weekends? I can't wait. Tomorrow is going to be the longest day ever.
  • Calliope having a perfect checkup at the doctor. She's right in the middle on her growth charts and in perfect health. She's right where she should be developmentally and best of all, she didn't need any shots, haha. Now she doesn't need to see her doctor again until next year! I'm sure we'll see her before then though. Calliope's bound to get sick or injured sometime between now and then, she's kind of nuts.
  • My shower was leaking and I fixed it all by myself. That's pretty awesome. :)

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