Happy September!

Friday, September 6

I can't believe it's already been a month since I was surprised it was August...

Does time seem to go faster as you get older or is that just one of the side effects of having a toddler?

Miss Calliope is 16 months old today. It's ridiculous. I would appreciate it if this kid would slow down a bit. I can't believe that at her first birthday she could barely walk. That was only four months ago.

I used to wonder why people would say things like 14-months or 19-months instead of just saying a year old. I totally get it now. A kid changes so much from month to month it's kind of necessary to specify the month. But if you're someone like me who didn't really have any knowledge of kids, other than I didn't want any (ha!) it seems kind of dumb.

Well, since the baby's in bed, let's recap the past couple weeks...

My phone gallery shows me:

Double date day with my sister and her boyfriend. We went to Ames to see The World's End (it was hilarious), we went to an awesome video game store with an arcade in the back, ate the best Chinese food and then when they went home we ended the evening with Jason's parents and grandparents.

After that I worked, we played with a lot of Mega Blocks, I played Machinarium (awesome game), we've been keeping up with Breaking Bad and Under the Dome on Amazon Instant (I love Amazon Prime). Jason bought a Playstation Vita, we're anxiously awaiting the release of the PS4. (preordered through Amazon, did I mention I love them? Haha.)

Labor Day weekend was the greatest. I took a vacation day the Friday before so I had a four-day-weekend. It was amazing. We spent Labor Day at the lake with Jason's family and then at my grandma's house with my family. Calliope had so much fun. There are young kids on both sides of her family. She loves them all.

I guess other than that, not much else has been going on. Just working and playing with Calliope and trying to keep my house from looking like a tornado came through. So far I'm keeping up with the first floor... we'll just pretend the second floor doesn't exist.

I'm working on an invitation for my cousin's daughter. She's having a Mad Hatter Tea Party for her birthday. If I remember maybe I'll share it... Back to work!

Apologies for the lack of pictures. Next time. :)

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