According to my phone...

Tuesday, August 20

Heeey, only two weeks between posts. Not bad.

Well, where to begin. My phone's gallery tells me that since my last post...

My one dollar daisy from Target started to grow.

I learned how to French braid my own hair. (And discovered the kitchen has good lighting.)

We went to the Meskwaki Annual Powwow.

Calliope wore a backpack (and it made me a little sad... haha)

Calliope tested out my hair. Someday she'll have hair of her own...

We went shopping without a cart for the first time, with help from my mom.

We went to the park after she had to have two shots and a blood draw.
I totally cried.

We went to the Iowa State Fair and ate fried pineapple and snow cones

and we discovered Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
a certain little someone thinks it's the greatest show ever

And that's all I've got for now. This kid just woke up from her nap and its dinner time.

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