Terrible Horrible No Good Very Wet Weekend

Monday, May 27

Good afternoon and welcome to another edition of Blogging While Calliope Naps!

I'm bored. Jason is out in the garage with his brother trying to fix our car. Calliope is sleeping. I walked on the treadmill for like five minutes then the sump pump pipe came unglued and turned into a fountain and Jason and his brother came in to fix it. Now I have lost all ambition for running and I feel like sitting at the dining room table to write.

This weekend didn't turn out at all how I had hoped. Isn't that how it always is when you make plans? Our trip to the farmer's market on Saturday was rained out. My sister was sick anyway, so we stayed home.

A quarter we got from a nice old man named Bing. He gave it to us to put in Calliope's piggy bank. :)
Saturday, Jason woke up feeling awful. We decided to go to the store and found out I left the sunroof cracked on the car while it rained all night. (Did I mention it belongs to Jason's parents? They let us borrow it while our car is in the garage waiting to be fixed) We tried to take the van to the store, but something is wrong with it and it doesn't like the rain. So we came back and took the wet car to the store instead. Then while we were inside the store we heard it start raining and it sounded like a monsoon. That's when Jason said he'd left the sunroof open again. :l  We tried to wait it out sitting in the furniture section and that's when the electricity went out.

It's weird being in a store when the electricity goes out.
  Luckily, they have a generator, so about half the lights came back on right away. We decided to just go out in the rain. I went to get the car while Jason stayed in the store with Calliope and checked out. When I got to the car, I remembered we had brought Max with us... so all the windows were cracked open a bit. All the seats, including Calliope's car seat were drenched. Poor Max looked terrified. There was some pretty loud thunder while we were inside. I dried up the car as well as I could and went to the door to pick up Jason and Calliope. That's when we decided it was probably a bad idea to leave the house.

Our new indoor swimming pool.

It gets better from there. We get home and it sounds like a waterfall is in our basement. The pipes coming from the sump pump that run up the wall and outside had come apart at one of the joints and water was everywhere and we had about 4 inches of water on the floor. Jason's dad came over, they did what they could to fix it and then Jason's dad had to go to Jason's brother's house and also to Jason's grandparents' house. Yesterday was a fun day for Jason's dad. We spent the rest of the day doing nothing but watching Netflix and eating ice cream.

The tiny ice cream cones I accidentallly bought at the store. Perfect size for Calliope!
Today we went to a cookout that Jason's parents have every Memorial Day. We decided to take Max, he'd been cooped up all weekend with the rain and everything so we thought he'd like to run around the backyard. We forgot that the ground was going to be wet and he got pretty muddy. He's still waiting on a bath. And that's where we are now. Jason is out with his brother fixing out car, Calliope is asleep on the floor and Max is laying at my feet. Not a bad ending to such a horrible weekend. :)

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