Tuesday, May 21

This picture of Miss Calliope at the carnival last weekend was taken by my amazing sister.

Ugh. You guys, I'm horrible at this blogging thing. I need to come up with some sort of schedule for myself. I usually have some free time at night after Calliope goes to sleep. I just usually spend it either sleeping or playing games on my phone. (I should probably use that time to clean...)

Jason's weird schedule is getting a little easier. This weekend is going to be the best because we both have a three day weekend. Thank you, "grown-up job" that lets me have holidays off instead of spending holidays working extra hard. We're planning on going to the Des Moines Farmer's Market on Saturday (as long as the weather is nice, which is looking unlikely :/ ), and then we have absolutely no plans the rest of the weekend. Spending some time at home as a family sounds wonderful.

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