Friday's Letters

Friday, April 12

Dear Calliope, the coolest kid ever, watching you learn new things is amazing. (This is her new concentrating face.) You're walking across the living room now and you finally figured out clapping. Now Jacey & I are going to teach you hamboning next. Haha. Now that your dad is going to class at night, it's just you and me during the week. We'll watch all the cool cartoons on Netflix and eat Teddy Grahams and play with your trains, it'll be fun. Dear Jason, I wish you didn't have to be gone all night, but I know this is a pretty awesome opportunity and I know some day this will be totally worth it. At least we still have weekends together. Dear Calliope, one more: Weekends are going to be amazing. Summer is coming up and we're probably going to have so much fun. So many new things for you to see. :) Oh yeah, you're going to be a year old in... 25 DAYS. Oh my gosh. That's ridiculous. How is it that it's been almost a year already? It's amazing. Dear work, you're getting better. I guess. Dear weather, COME ON. We're getting to the middle of April now. Stop with this cold weather stuff. Dear Gossip Girl, the only slightly good thing about Jason working at night now is that I get to watch you a whole lot now. Haha. Always gotta look on the bright side.


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  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :) Your little girl is absolutely gorgeous x