March Photo A Day Challenge!

Sunday, March 17

Omg you guys. I'm actually doing it. I'm keeping up with the Photo a Day challenge @ Fat Mum Slim. Most months I'm lucky if I get the first and the second of the month. So, to celebrate my accomplishment (and make up for my lack of blogging...) I'm going to share with you the first half of March! Also, I'm working on a new blog layout so I'm going to post a little sneak peek of what I'm working on as a little push to hopefully make myself actually finish it. :)

The only one I feel like I might need to explain is #10. I don't want more snow. I just want the snow to be over already. Dumb snow... Anyway, you can follow me on Instagram, I'm jannaerochelle. I'm hoping I'll make it through the rest of the month! :)

And now I will show you what the header of my new blog design will look like!

Ta-da! I haven't completely settled on the font yet, it'll probably be something similar though.

Also, about the whole Google Reader thing, all I can say is... :( 
I've decided to set up a page on bloglovin. There's a link in my sidebar OR you can just click right here and follow me there!

That's all for tonight. We're all camped out in the living room at my house. I don't really know why, but we slept in here last night too. I just can't explain sometimes... haha. Good night.

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