Friday's Letters

Friday, March 22

Dear Work, I don't want you today. I'm glad it's Friday. Dear weather, why are you being a jerk? It's officially spring. Stop being winter. Dear hair, stay down. None of this floating around stuff. I'm sorry it's so dry. Blame the cold weather. Dear Max, I know you're mad. Take it up with Mr. Weather. It's his fault we aren't going outside as much as you'd like. But as soon as it's nice out again: walks everyday. With Miss Calliope in her stroller. It'll be fun. Dear Calliope, I love you. You're adorable. I can't wait til you're walking. (I'll probably regret saying that later.) I also can't wait to spend the whole weekend with you. And Elmo too, who you seem to be super glued to lately. Dear Jason, I am ridiculously proud of you. I'm excited about your new job and all the opportunities you're going to have now. I'm missing having lunch with you at work. I'm going to be pretty sad when you're working second shift, but I'm hoping that won't last long. At least we'll have whole weekends to spend together now. Love you. :)

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