Friday, February 22

Why hello there! I'm not even sure where to start. I finally got a new computer. Like, an actual brand new one. One that actually works. :)

This kid is growing ridiculously fast.
She's crawling around and she's pretty quick. She's getting into everything. She loves walking along the couch. No actual walking yet, but she has stood on her own a few times.
She says mama and dada and baba and loves making other random noises.
She's moved on from Sesame Street and now loves Curious George. She really only loves the theme songs. She smiles and dances and then goes on with playing with her toys.
She doesn't eat baby food much anymore, she's more into whatever we're eating. Green beans and pineapple are probably her favorite.
She hates her car seat, but she loves going to new places. We went to the Science Center in Des Moines on Tuesday, and she loved it. I'm going to try to write a blog post about it, maybe this weekend. :)

It's pretty amazing. Having a kid is pretty much as awesome as people said it would be. There are some rough times, like when she seems to be crying for no reason in particular. Luckily those times are few and far between. Hopefully I can update this more often again. Weekly at least. Until then...

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