(not-so) wordless wednesday

Wednesday, December 19

Oh heyyy. I'm not really sure how to say this... It's not you it's me... Can we still be friends?
Haha. So... I've been gone and I probably won't really be back very often. A small part of it is that my computer decided it no longer wanted to connect to the internet. (I'm hoping Santa brings me a new one.) Another small part is the holidays. And yet another small part is house renovations & broken down cars. (stupid car.)
A much larger part of it is Calliope. I'd rather spend all my free time playing with her and watching Sesame Street and teaching her to walk and talk and not spend time blogging. She's just too cute not to want to spend all my time with. So this is goodbye for now, I might check in once in a while with updates (Calliope is pulling herself up and trying to walk and army crawling like a pro and I swear she says mama and dada) but today I'll just leave you with this:

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  1. I can completely understand this decision. Family always comes first. :) I hope that if you ever do have a spare moment to update. It is nice hearing about calliope and you. Take care.