Thirsty Thursday!

Thursday, November 15

Jk. All I ever drink is water and crangrape juice. And sometimes the occasional Mountain Dew or root beer. I live a wild life, I know.

So, I finally got my new phone yesterday and I think I might love it. It might just be because it actually works and doesn't act like it's possessed by some kind of demon. Also the Android Blogger app got a huge update yesterday so it's like a whole new smart phone blogging experience. Sorry, haha, I'm a dork.

I really didn't have anything of great importance to write today, I just really wanted to play with my new phone and the new Blogger app.

Oh! Exciting news: we finally bought the flooring for our dining room. Also, Jason forgot to measure so he just guessed and we ended up with twice as much flooring as we needed. So we're also going to replace the floor in our entryway area. And we'll still have a little leftover.

I'm procrastinating at work now, waiting for my computer to boot up, (I started this post in the car on the way here) but when I get home maybe I'll share pictures of my house. It's a definite work in progress, and probably a little embarrassing, but I think I'd like to have this all documented so a few years down the road when we finally have a nice house I can look back at where we started. Or a few years down the road when we've given up on this house and I want to look back on how crazy we were... Whatever. :)

I'm pretty sure the picture I added is going at the bottom still, (come on Google, I need more picture options) so here's a cute Calliope picture. One of the only pictures on my new phone right now...

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