Saturday Sounds

Saturday, November 10

Oy. Well, I failed at posting yesterday. I'm not doing so great at this posting-every-day-in-November thing. Maybe I'll turn it into a at-least-I'll-post-on-a-regular-schedule thing. :)

I moved my computer downstairs yesterday. Maybe being closer to the living room will make it easier to blog while Calliope is playing or watching Sesame Street. Until last night, my computer was in our little library/office room. It'll make a nice office someday, but there isn't much room for Calliope to play.

I've decided to make my own weekly thing and I think I'm calling it: Saturday Sounds. I'm basically going to make a playlist or post youtube videos of music I've been loving lately. I'll start my schedule on an easy note. (Haha. Note.) So here you go.

The first 5 are songs I hear a lot on my Pandora stations. On multiple stations too, so apparently my taste in music is pretty similar across the board. The last song is the Sesame Street theme song. :) Today they celebrate their 43rd birthday and Calliope loves them so they deserve a spot.

Also, I made a button. Mostly because I wanted to play with Photoshop... haha. So you can use it if you share your music too, I would love it if you share your posts with me. I love new music.

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