Oh, hello.

Wednesday, November 7

I don't have much to say today, but to keep up with my one-blog-a-day-for-a-month thing, here I am. :) Obviously it's technically Thursday, but I guess I was more tired than I thought tonight. Since I'm awake with Calliope right now, I figured I'd write a little something.

Not much happened today. I went to work and we ordered new cell phones. Nothing fancy. I just needed a new phone and Jason found a good deal so we decided to get one for both of us.

Then we spent most of the evening with Jason's family and ate too much pizza. And then we came home and went to bed.

Exciting day, huh? :)

I'm planning on participating in this link up later today, so look for that sometime after work this evening. Other than that, I haven't got much more to say. Calliope's back in her crib, so now I'm getting back in my bed. Good night! Or good morning, whatever. :)

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