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Saturday, November 3

(So I was sure I had posted this before I went to bed last night, but the app I was using was being weird so apparently it didn't work :( Luckily my phone saved it at least, so here it is.)

Today after we got home from work, we put Calliope on the floor with a bunch of her toys like we usually do and we put on an episode of Sesame Street on Netflix. She loves it. Especially Elmo. The Word on the Street was "lazy". That was basically our theme for the rest of the day.

So my plans of writing an awesome blog post were postponed by Sesame Street and family nap time. But I suppose I still owe you Halloween costume and kitten pictures so here you go:

Miss Calliope sleeping before trick or treating even started.

Waiting impatiently in her high chair while we put on our coats and shoes.

We went to 3 whole houses and she had like, 7 pieces of candy.
Jason and I obviously ate it, but she tried to open this box for a while. :)

My cat Dora had 2 kittens and they're adorable.
[haha a-Dora-ble.]
I'd write a little more but the app I use to write my blog posts on my phone is going kinda crazy. (see! I even wrote it in my post last night!) So I guess I'll just leave it at that for now. Good night!

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