Another exciting day in my life

Saturday, November 3

Poor little Calliope wasn't feeling well today. She was pretty miserable most of the morning and she finally got a nice long nap just before Jason came home from work.

I found this recipe on Pinterest today and Jason thought it sounded good so we went to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients.

He threw it all together and it was super delicious. He's the cook in the house, so no awesome recipe posts from me. I didn't even get to take a picture. By the time I thought of it, we were both already done. :)

Calliope napped while we ate dinner and when she woke up she was feeling well enough to roll and scoot herself around the living room. It's so amazing how much she's learned in 6 months. Well almost 6 months. Only three more days and my baby is half a year old. It's crazy how fast it seems to go.

That's it for today I guess. Tomorrow is another day of mama & baby time. Maybe we'll do something crazy tomorrow like watch Fraggle Rock instead of Sesame Street.

Good night from little miss chubby cheeks.

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