Week in Pictures

Sunday, July 1

Calliope's new toy. She loves it. She also grabbed
onto her rattle for the first time and shook it around
a little bit. I had to take it away from her though
because she didn't quite have control of her hand
and hit herself in the head with it. Little goof.

We had a couple of hot days this week so Calliope
and I spent a lot of time just hanging out in the house
keeping cool.

Fact: Calliope is the most adorable baby in the world.

Here she is playing with another one of her toys. She
was having so much fun, then 20 minutes later she crashed.

Yesterday, we put a pretty dress on her and went on a road
trip to visit my grandparents and uncle and then she went to
the mall for the first time in her life. She was amazed at
all the people. Also, I had Panera for the first time.
It was delicious. :)

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