Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 4

I've linked up with A Night Owl, for the Red, White, & You follower-fest, so hello to any new readers. :) Here's a little bit about me: My name is Jannae, I'm a first time mom to Little Miss Calliope (she'll be two months old on Friday) and Jason is my best friend ever, and he just so happens to be Calliope's dad. :) This is just a little blog about random things in my life.

Why hello there bloggy land! I've been absent the last couple days because yesterday was my birthday! I am now twenty six whole years old. It's pretty weird. Usually this would be Wordless Wednesday, but I have lots of words today, so here we go. :)

On Monday, Jason, Calliope, & I spent the morning at home, just lounging around. Then after seeing this post, I decided I wanted to go shopping. I needed some new clothes. Then I decided, since it was the day before my birthday, maybe Calliope could stay with Jason's mom for a few hours and then we could go out to eat or something while we were out of town. So, Little Miss Calliope, stayed with grandma and we went on a mini road trip.

I bought some new-to-me clothes, we had dinner at Olive Garden, then we wandered around Best Buy and walked off some of the pasta carbs.

I almost ordered a berry sangria (would have been my first drink since before Calliope), but I got a phone call from Jason's mom and she said Calliope didn't want her bottle and had only taken 2 ounces and I could hear her crying in the background, so I decided it was probably best not to have any alcohol so she could nurse as soon as we got home. (We got another call before we were finished eating to let us know that Jason's sister got her to eat, so she was doing fine.)

Snuggling on the bed, happy to be home with us.
Yesterday, my actual birthday, I had an interview for a new job at work. I applied to be a graphic designer in the sales & marketing department of the casino that I work at. I don't have an official degree in graphic design, but a friend of mine who works there suggested me because they mostly use Photoshop and he knew that I'd been using Photoshop for almost nine years now. Everything seemed to go well, and I'm pretty sure I did really well on the test I was given, so early next week I should know for sure. :)

After that, I spent the day at home with Jason and Calliope, nothing special. My sister and her boyfriend came to visit for a couple hours and we watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and ate tacos.

And so far, this fourth of July, it's just been me and Miss Calliope. She's discovered her little hands can grab things and it's super adorable. Jason should be home within the next half hour or so and who knows what's happening then? Hopefully something fun. Have a good holiday!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you got some good deals! :) I think I may be addicted...I feel the urge to go back already! Luckily I'll be in town often for baby appointments - good excuse! ;)

    1. I wish I had an excuse too. It was a lot of fun. :)

  2. P.S. Your hair is crazy long! I'm jealous!