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Monday, July 16

I guess almost 2am is technically morning, right? At this moment, I am camped out in Miss Calliope's room posting from my phone. This little girl went from 4 nights in a row of sleeping 6-7 hours a night (which was awesome), to tonight, which is apparently the worst night ever.

First of all, she didn't go to sleep until almost 11, then she woke up crying at midnight, ate half an ounce of formula, cried a little more and went back to sleep around 12:30.

Then she woke up again just after 1 and I sent Jason to check on her. Now, he doesn't usually get up with her at night because I've been on maternity leave and I usually let him sleep since he has to work, but it's his day off tomorrow and I decided it was his turn.

It didn't go so well. She was screaming and crying and didn't want to eat anything, I could hear him on the baby monitor getting kinda frustrated so I went and sat with him in her room, we changed her and after rocking her for a few minutes she calmed down enough to be put back in her crib. Then I just let him go back to sleep. :)

I figured if she's going to be waking up every hour I might as well just sleep on the recliner in her room. Also, I thought it might give me a chance to write a quick post.

It's now 2:00 and so far we still have a sleeping baby so maybe she'll make it the rest of the night. I really hope so. I also hope this isn't going to be a regular thing again. I'm back at work on Wednesday morning and I would really like to be able to sleep.

So Calliope, I would really appreciate it if you went back to sleeping 7 hours a night again. That was really nice.  :)

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