five minute friday [beyond]

Friday, July 27

Because even though I am ridiculously exhausted after my first full week back at work, I think I can handle five minutes.


I am beyond tired. I survived my first full week back at work. I am so ready for 2 days off. I am so beyond tired. I just put 2 pieces of cheese in between two pieces of bread and called it a sandwich. Lamest sandwich ever but whatever. It's the most my brain can handle right now. The worst part about work is being away from Calliope. Twelve weeks is not enough. Right now, she is sleeping in her bouncer while I write this. We get two whole days together now and I couldn't be more excited. I wish Jason could have the next two days off too, but we have different schedules now. :( I'm going to miss hanging out with him for two days straight. But this way Calliope only has to be at the babysitter for three days a week. Three days she's decided she doesn't like.


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I'll try to post a couple things this weekend, but I have a lot of baby hugs to catch up on so we'll see. 


  1. Praying you get rest sweety.

  2. Ok, so stupid easy question.
    When you link up and take the buttons (or whatever) from their sites...I can't get it to work. I know they post the code that you paste into your blog, but when I do that...it doesn't turn into their button. Help...?! haha

  3. I remember that exhausted feeling of going back to work. Miserable. I hope you have a restful and joyful two days at home with your new little lady!

  4. Your blog could not be any cuter, seriously! Love it :) Good luck going back to work!

    my GFC has been acting up, but it let me follow you through GFC using my twitter... who knew you could do that?!

  5. I was wondering how you do your signature. Do you just post the "picture" of your name each time or is there a way in blogspot to make it automatically put it at the end of each entry?