Calliope is 2 months!

Saturday, July 7

My baby is two months old already! It's totally crazy. She's getting so big and of course she's super adorable. Haha. Here's what she's doing now:
  • She absolutely loves her playmat and swing. Her playmat has flashing lights but for the first week we had it it didn't have batteries. She didn't care, she loved it anyway. But when we got the music and lights finally going, it turned into the most amazing thing ever. :) Her swing has a giraffe and an elephant toy hanging in front of her but she only ever looks at the giraffe. She's taking after her aunt, Jacey. :) My sister loves all things giraffe.
  • She likes to try to grab things. She liked it when she randomly hit things with her hands but Wednesday she finally got something. My mom came to visit to give me my birthday present and Calliope was just lying on the floor and she just reached over and grabbed my mom's sandal by the straps. She got excited and started kicking her feet and swinging it around. Since then she's grabbed a couple of her toys. She loves her hands now.
  • She's getting more hair finally. :)
  • She babbles a lot more. She likes when I ask her questions. We had a whole conversation tonight, I'm sure.
  • She usually sleeps for 5-6 hours a night. it's awesome.
  • She likes to look at *everything*. She especially loves lights and TVs. She almost never sees the tv at our house but when Jason's mom babysat her, she loved looking at it.

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