Big City Daytripping

Thursday, July 12

Haha, "big city". Compared to big cities around the country, I wouldn't call any place in Iowa a big city, but considering Des Moines is the biggest city in the state, we'll go with it. :)

I've been kind of MIA the last couple days. Jason's weekend is Monday and Tuesday, so I spend those days with him and blogging gets a little ignored. Forgive me? :)

We spent this weekend mostly just hanging out at home. But Monday, we spent the afternoon in the big city of Des Moines. :) On Monday morning, we found a pretty nice stroller that was just posted on Craigslist for only 20 dollars so we jumped right on it and picked it up that afternoon. Then we turned it into a little day trip and had a lot of fun. :)

This is my little relaxed baby. She loves the stroller so far.

We decided to go downtown to eat at Panera. It was delicious of course.

We saw this awesome car in the parking ramp. :)

We wandered around Best Buy. They have the coolest sparkly tile floors. (Though you can't really tell from my tiny picture...) Also, our little girl is already a technology nerd like her mom and dad. Haha. She just liked to look at all the bright screens.

I'm at home all alone today (sad), Jason went to work at 11 and he dropped off Calliope with his mom to give her a little test run since I'm going back to work in 6 days. I'm supposed to be cleaning the house, but since it's been a couple days since I've posted, I decided to put up a quick update. :)

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