Week in Pictures

Saturday, June 23

The beginning of this week was ridiculously hot, so we spent most of the time in the air conditioned house. Then on Wednesday we had a little storm and the next day it was beautiful outside so I went for a walk with Max and Calliope. Not much else happened this week, just more of me hanging out at home with baby while Jason works.
Calliope being super adorable [1], Max asleep
behind the couch [2], Diego sleeping on the couch [3],
Jason, Calliope, & Max :) [4], Calliope sleeping on my lap [5].

I made some really simple Cheerio bars [1], Calliope
is getting good at holding her head up [2], Diego and Hanners
(apparently Diego sleeps with his leg off the couch now) [3],
Calliope sleeping in her moby wrap [4], silhouettes [5].

Can you tell I hang out with Calliope all day? [1],
my delicious Cheerio bar :) [2], Calliope making silly faces [3],
Calliope hanging out with her new friend [4], and our plans for today [5].

Today is Calliope's baby shower/meet the baby party thing. So before 3:00 I have to clean up the house a bit, give her a bath, try to take a shower, eat some lunch, and run to the store for some last minute stuff. Maybe. I haven't gone out anywhere with her in the car by myself yet, so... we'll see how that goes.  Plus throw in some feedings and diaper changes and maybe I should get off the computer and get some stuff done. :)


  1. Awww. Your little family is so cute. How did you make your photo collages? A website or an app?

    1. thanks :)
      and I used Picmonkey