Thursday, June 7

Little Miss Calliope is a month old!
I meant to do this yesterday when she was actually a month old, 
but you know, babies don't really give you much free time to mess around on blogger... :)

Here's what I've learned about her in the last month:
  • She loves to kick her legs. She seems to only kick one at a time and on alternating days. One day she'll kick her right leg and the next day it'll be her left. It was pretty much impossible to get a picture of her without a blurry leg.
  • She hates to be naked. She had a horrible diaper rash and her doctor recommended some naked time to give it a chance to dry and heal faster, so we had her on some absorbent pad things and let her lay on the floor. She mostly hated it because she wasn't getting snuggled, but now she doesn't like to be naked for too long.
  • She likes to stare at ceilings. Our living room ceiling is white tile with a few black beams across it. Since younger babies like black and white patterns, she loves it. This lead her to a fascination with ceilings everywhere we go.
  • She absolutely loves her pajamas. She likes the footie type pajamas and the gown type ones. I don't blame her, pajamas are the best. :)
  • String quartet music calms her down. When she was having naked time, and not having a good time at all, we were listening to Pandora and this song came on. After a few seconds, she turned toward the TV (we were listening from the PS3 browser) and calmed down for the whole song. So, I guess it's time for Calliope to have her own Pandora station...
She's also pooped everywhere... grandma's couch, great uncle's living room floor, other grandma's kitchen (like, the counter, the floor, and some stuff that was sitting on the counter. That was a good time.), her aunt's lap, her grandma's shirt, our living room floor... So yeah, Calliope is pretty much the greatest baby ever, I love her so much. :)

She's waking up right now so it's time to change and feed her, good night!

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