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Thursday, June 14

...because my computer is broken. Sad times. I have no idea what's wrong with it and I have no energy to fix it.

Miss Calliope has almost slept all through the last couple nights. I'm pretty excited, I've been getting like 6 hours of sleep in a row. It's wonderful. We usually sleep from sometime after ten to just before 5. She always wakes up just before Jason's alarm goes off. Of course tonight I'll be getting a little less sleep because I'm writing this blog. Oh well. :)

More good news, on Monday, Jason and I had a date night. (yay!) We left Calliope with his mom and dad and went out for Mexican food (it was delicious) and then we went to a movie (The Avengers, it was pretty great). Calliope did awesome being away from us, but me, not so much. I can't go very long without feeding her, it gets just a -little- uncomfortable... but, you know, other than that it was a great night. :)

And if I remember right, when I post from my phone the picture goes at the bottom, so here's a picture of Miss Calliope at this very moment. :)

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