Baby Shower

Monday, June 25

So we had Miss Calliope's baby shower on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. :) My sister had some fun games planned, there was a lot of food (and cupcakes, haha) and Calliope got a lot of really cute clothes and toys.

This one is her absolute favorite so far, but to be honest, most of the gifts are still in their bags in the middle of the living room because I'm just too tired to finally go through them all. When we got home from the baby shower, it was raining, so we just left everything in the car so it didn't all get wet. On Sunday, Calliope was just so miserable and fussy (she was just so overwhelmed after Saturday) And today, I applied to transfer to a new job at work (!) (more on that later I promise) and my sister got to babysit Calliope for the first time, she was super excited. :) So tomorrow for sure: present organizing time. But now it's bedtime, just thought I'd stop by with a little update. :) 


  1. Hey lady!! I just found your cute blog via the hop and added myself to your followers! Also I’d love to have you check out a fabulous OSCAR DE LA RENTA giveaway I’m having right now!!
    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!
    Xo, Emily


  2. I am totally droooooling over the cupcakes! So fun! Thanks for swapping with me and looking forward to following your cute blog! XOXO

    1. yeah, the cupcakes were amazing, my sister is awesome. :) and thank you for swapping with my little blog. :)