hello again.

Saturday, April 21

36 weeks and 4 days. getting pretty huge.
hi. :) growing a baby is exhausting stuff. pretty much all i do is work, sleep, and eat. that kinda sounds good. but it's not.

this kid's official due date is exactly three weeks away. my first day of maternity leave is exactly two weeks away. at this point i'm almost not sure which one i'm more excited for. work is getting hard and my job isn't even really that difficult. most of the time all i do is sit down. but obviously baby coming is way more exciting. we've got so much stuff ready for her, i can't wait to finally put it to some use. :)

we're still trying to narrow down her name and it's still a pretty daunting task. but we might finally have a first name and i guess it's my job to come up with a middle name. so many different ways i could go. i think i'll wait until she's here to share. so you'll just have to wait. :)

mr. diego turned 5 years old yesterday.
i can't believe we've already had him for that long.
he was my first baby. :)

p.s. anyone else totally obsessed with instagram? i am. find me @jannaerochelle :)

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