downton abbey

Saturday, April 28

Being on bed rest has given me very limited options. I either lie in bed and read or play on my phone, or I can lie on the couch and watch Netflix or play video games. I don't have a laptop, so any time spent on the computer is just a quick stop on the way to the bathroom or something.
(that's how I edit my blog posts.)

So I've spent a lot of time browsing Netflix and I came across Downton Abbey and now I am obsessed. I've seen four episodes and there are only 7 episodes on Netflix so I'm getting kind of sad already. I love the Crawley family and all of their servants.
 Except Thomas. He's a jerk.

I've still got probably a week or so to go so I've been looking around for any new shows I can watch after this is over :( so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. :)

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