bedrest. ugh.

Thursday, April 26

so, the last couple days have been dumb. I went to my weekly appointment on Tuesday and the doctor told me my blood pressure was a little high and he wanted me to go have some lab work done. then he told me, until he got the results back he wanted me to stay on the couch and basically be on bedest for the rest of the afternoon. and he tells me if it anything comes out wrong, they probably won't let me go past 39 weeks. that's next Thursday. (!!)

at this point I'm thinking, well that kinda sucks, and I'm trying not to think, what if I get stuck on bedrest?
so I basically just hang out on the couch and watch netflix and play games on my phone and then he never calls back. so just before their office closes I call and find out there was some kind of emergency today and they have my lab results but the doctor hasn't had a chance to look at them yet. he'll get back to me tomorrow.

so I ask the nurse whether or not it would be okay for me to work the next day. and, expecting her to say I'll need to wait for the doctor to okay it, instead she says, oh yeah, it doesn't look like your labs had any problems, you should be fine. then the conversation is over and I don't know what to think.

I tell Jason what she just said and he thinks she's dumb and we decide its probably better if I just call in to work. but I also decide, I don't want to stay on the couch anymore so until the doctor actually gets a chance to see what's going on, I'll just take it easy. so we went to the grocery store and just stayed in the rest of the night.

[longest blog post ever.]

the next day (yesterday) we were with Jason's mom at this nice old lady's apartment. she is going to be moving into a nursing home soon an she was selling a lot of her things and Jason's mom knew her caregiver so she asked if we needed anything. this lady was super nice and told lots of stories. I love that about older people, they have so many stories.

we ended up getting a couch-bed thing, a queen sized bed with a bookshelf headboard, a mini sewing machine, and a tv stand. shes moving in a couple weeks so that's when we can pick up the stuff.

while they were looking for parts for the sewing machine, I finally get a phone call from my doctor's office and its the nurse I talked to the evening before. she says the doctor finally had a chance to look at my labs and I have a slight case of PIH - pregnancy induced hypertension. I'm to be on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy and if I'm at work I should probably go home. also, I need to see the doctor twice a week now and they'll see me Thursday afternoon (today).

I stayed pretty calm on the phone but after I hung up and told Jason what she just said I started crying. he said I knew that nurse didn't know what she was talking about and its a good thing you didn't go to work today.

so we went home and I've pretty much done nothing at all since about two o'clock yesterday afternoon. it sucks.

I'm just really glad that I only had a couple weeks left anyway and this didn't happen any earlier. and if I really do have to have this baby around 39 weeks, we could have a little girl in seven days. 

wish me luck.

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