well, hello.

Tuesday, March 20

its really hard to keep up with a blog when all I do is work and sleep. this little girl is totally sucking all my energy away. only 7 more weeks though and she'll be here. I'm sure that time will go by way faster than I want it to and there's still so much to do.

Jason and I went to Des Moines yesterday to look at some dressers and diaper bags. we decided baby dressers are ridiculously expensive and maybe we have to look somewhere else. but we did find the perfect diaper bag. we'll probably order it online later, we're going to see if we can't save some money and find it cheaper.

well I'm writing this from the doctor's office, so far everything is good. my weight and blood pressure are good and I guess my pee in a cup test was okay too. :) baby is moving around like crazy right now so I think she's getting hungry like me.

maybe I'll catch up on my photo-a-days for the month later today. then again, maybe I'll just take a nap. who knows? :)

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