new computer chair! (and other stuff)

Monday, March 26

me and the baby hanging out in the new chair.
she's getting pretty big.
you can just ignore that mess in the background. have you ever moved and then had an area in your house full of unpacked boxes for a long time? yeah, well this one has been here for three years... I'm sure I could just throw it all in the garbage and I would never notice, but it's my stuff I can't get rid of it. 
(I might be a borderline hoarder or something. If Jason wasn't here, I'm sure it would be worse...)

This week has been really nice, the weather has been pretty amazing, except for today, it's kinda chilly out there. But yesterday was awesome. Jason finally cut the grass (I wish I had a before and after shot of that, it was pretty awful) and I cleaned the car out. Somehow my side of the car gets full of garbage... I have no idea how that happens... :)

Max wasn't too happy with how things went yesterday. He was tied up while the grass was being cut and the car was being cleaned and he looked like this:

omg you guys, this is so lame.

today we finally start baby classes. we start with the breastfeeding class, then in a couple weeks, we'll start Lamaze class. it's pretty exciting. :)

not much else to share at the moment. I guess that's good enough. I'm off to eat some food before this baby kicks her way out of my stomach and then I'm going to enjoy my weekend. :)

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