i lied...

Thursday, March 8

That fluffy blanket held on to me longer than I thought it would and I ended up reading until I fell asleep. I am feeling slightly better today though, so I guess that's okay. :)

day 7: something I wore
It was nice enough yesterday that I only had to
wear a hoodie when we took Mr. Max on a walk. :)
 The weather has been great here lately. March in Iowa isn't supposed to be anything like this. I love it. I really hope winter is over already. I'm ready for spring.

Little miss baby has been moving around like crazy and I think sometimes she just likes to stick her feet in my ribs and let them hang out there for a while. She gets hiccups pretty regularly and once in a while if I'm laying in bed, I can actually see her move. Jason saw her kick a few nights ago and he was pretty amazed. :) 

I can't believe I only have nine more weeks until she's here. I get scared thinking about it sometimes, but I have Jason, and we both have pretty awesome families to help us out, so I really don't have much to worry about. Besides the actual delivery. Which now that I think about it, freaks me out more than anything. Maybe she can just magically appear outside my belly sometime around her due date... I'll talk to my doctor about that one. :)

day 8: window
it was a nice clear day today, it was nice
to have the sun out again.


  1. Did you master that magical appearance in place of delivery...?

    I'd be interested in looking into that...

    1. haha I wish. I had the stubborn baby who decided she was ready to come and broke my water, then changed her mind when we got to the hospital and didn't come until 32 hours later. And then, only because the doctors took her out. Maybe your child will be more cooperative. :)