Awkward & Awesome Thursday. :)

Thursday, March 22

let's try this. :)


• strangers at work trying to sneakily look at my baby belly. I can tell they want to say something but they don't want to be wrong. at least nobody has randomly touched me, besides a couple of coworkers.
• getting kicked in the bladder at work. & lots of bathroom trips.
• my feet hurt a lot after work sometimes. :( at least they aren't swollen. yet.
• dropping my phone on my face as I write this. :l

• I made pineapple upside-down cake for the first time today and it was amazing.
• I still feel pretty good and I only have seven weeks left. (I'm convinced it won't last much longer, but I'm going to appreciate it for now.)
• seven weeks left until baby means six more weeks until my 12 week leave from work. that's almost just as exciting... :P
• I got some extra money on my paycheck this week because I had my first official days as trainer last week. they can hire as many new people as they want before I go, that just means more baby stuff... :)
• just hanging out in the living room with Jason before going to bed. we're both playing games on our phones, but its nice to sit in the quiet house sometimes.
• little kicks before bed. :)

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